Does Everyone Exploiting Dogs and Cats Get Their “Holding A Poor Innocent Puppy Headshot” First?

It’s pretty amazing how clearly you can see people’s motivations when viewing things from afar or over time.

During our investigation for an upcoming story about the drama that took place between Notodogmeat and Mrs Yang, the famous Chinese dog buying activist, we kept running across the name Dr. Daniel Allen.

It would seem Dr. Allen believed his one chance for stardom and escape his “otterman” moniker was to insert himself into the conflict between Mrs. Yang and Notodogmeat.

Marc Ching and Daniel Allen

In 2014 Allen filmed an animal show pilot called “Animal House”. I am sure he was trying extremely hard to get it picked up by one of a dozen USA or UK reality channels… It failed.

“Animal House” describes itself as: “A television show that will renovate or build animal shelters in struggling communities. It’s family-friendly, inspirational and in need of a network home”.

Having written several novels and movie scripts the one thing I have found out is a studio wants a built-in audience before they will pick up a pilot, or make a movie.

I have written a book and a screenplay that would in fact make an excellent movie, since it could be turned into an updated version of the 80’s TV show “Knight Rider”. It had a built-in audience and I have actually received inquiries about it, but they wanted full control over my characters, so I told them “Don’t bother”.

But in talking to people about my book the one thing studios count on is a “built-in audience”. If a book sells ‘x’ number of copies or a person has ‘x’ number of loyal followers, the studio has a formula that turns that ‘x’ number into a budget that would allow the studio to see what kind of capital they would have available to produce the movie, or an accurate ratings number that the show will produce. Then it only becomes a matter of ‘return on investment” to get the green light for your project.

The studio wants to know if it will at least break even before they even think about talking to you, or moving your project forward. You can see this play out with old actors like Steven Seagal, he keeps churning out these B-rated straight to video movies because he still has a small loyal following and the studio knows ‘x’ number of people will watch no matter how bad the movie is, as long as Steven Seagal is in it, it will get ‘x’ number of viewers.

Back to Dr. Daniel Allen, judging by his posts he took no real interest in the dog meat trade until he starred in this pilot about rebuilding shelters. So it would be only natural for him to gravitate toward Facebook and Twitter people who follow dogs and in 2014/2015 Yulin was all the rage.

Allen came onto the scene during the Mrs. Yang phenomenon, somehow he was able to insert himself in between Mrs. Yang and Notodogmeat. We are sure he repetitively asked Notodogmeat “what happened to the money that was collected?”, so as soon as he got his first mean tweet, he had his hook.

Allen portrayed himself to be this poor little man who got trolled by the vicious followers of Notodogmeat. What we have found is, he is nothing but the boy who cried wolf, because we have yet to discover more than a few random tweets or Facebook post that would qualify as “being trolled”.

‘Shockingly’ there are trolls on the internet, in fact years ago I was one of them and unless there is a photoshopped picture of Dr Allen having sex with a monkey, then you haven’t really been trolled. Just ask Leslie Jones when Milo followers actually trolled her uneducated, untalented ass.

Super Otterman.png

To the right is what Dr Allen could have expected – and far worse – if he was actually trolled.

It is amazing that people don’t seem to understand that there are no magical beings forcing you to visit Facebook, or Twitter, and by-the-way there is an off button on your computer.

Allen claims to have been abused, ridiculed and made fun of…  This would be hilarious except for the fact that he actually wanted people to feel sorry for him and if you know anything about trolls, nothing gets the creative juices flowing faster than someone throwing a pity-me party.

​The Mirror published a piece which in essence revolved around Dr. Daniel Allen and Peter Egan claiming they were both trolled when asking a simple innocent question about the Notodogmeat money that was purportedly earmarked for Mrs. Yang, but after questions of Mrs. Yang’s validity started to surface, things as they say “went straight to hell”.

We are still investigating all the details and we will be releasing our article sometime next week on this whole Notodogmeat versus Yang drama.

The Mirror article seems to be nothing but a sham and looks more like Dr. Allen, Peter Egan or both, calling in a favor from or somehow convincing Andrew Penman to write this story which is basically just a rehash of Allen’s and Egan’s claims and presents no actual evidence.

Penman is a reporter who works for The Mirror, and is normally a reporter who writes about scammers online so this story naturally fits his area of expertise.

In the article, Penman writes that one of the very real threats facing Dr. Allen was from one Facebook user warning of retaliation, saying, “I have a blog site”. I almost pissed myself laughing reading that line. I instantly thought of that game show “Match Game” I can see Gene Rayburn asking his panel of guests “I’ve got a ‘BLANK‘ and I’m not afraid to use it”.

So this is in essence the living hell that Dr Allen claims to have been going through? Sorry Allen my mother makes more menacing threats to me if I don’t call her every few days.  Believe me, there is nothing more menacing than a pissed off grandmother, who can hit like a mule, packing four heavy duty gold rings on each hand.

The story went on claiming Allen’s drinking buddy Downton Abbey actor Peter Egan received similar abuse from these unnamed trolls. Penman wrote about Egan: “An anonymous online group put him on the spot, asking him if he supported the Notodogmeat organisation. Egan replied to this question by calling Notodogmeat “a rather ramshackle protest group”.

At this moment we would like to inform Mr. Egan, just for future reference, being an ass with a snide remark to a question will get you trolled every damn time, moron. ​

Peter Egan and Daniel Allen

Egan went on to say after his comments about Notodogmeat: “That opened the door to the torrent of abuse that came my way”. Judging by the amount of evidence he has shown, and what we have found, we suspect a leaky kitchen faucet would have more of a ‘torrent’ than what Egan experienced.

Egan told the reporter “I was called a disgusting has-been, a ‘brown envelope’ charity supporter, meaning I’d only support a charity if I got a backhander”.

Thank God no one actually wrote Egan one of those really, really, mother washes your mouth out with soap, naughty words that I keep hearing about.

My evidence for this reporter just doing Egan and Allen a solid, is this, no reporter worth his salt would write garbage like this, using this hearsay evidence as proof to validate their story.

If Egan and Allen came to me and said “Can  you write I am being abused by trolls, here is my evidence” and he handed over a Facebook post saying “has-been” and “I got a blog site” I would have laughed my ass off, handed them a towel and told them to go have a good cry. After they are all done, I would have recommended they put on their big boy pants and stay off the internet.

I get death threats everyday and I get upset… When they don’t show up.

I mean, how rude are you to say you are coming to kill me and I send you a google map with a red ‘x’ with my address and phone number in case you hit traffic or get lost, and you don’t show up? Is this the kind of manners, their mothers taught them? If you are gonna say you’re coming, then at least have the courtesy to show up.

From our vantage point, this whole episode was created to create some kind of following for Allen which he could then use in selling his pilot episode to the networks.

He might have gained a few new followers, but for all the so-called publicity The Mirror story produced, virtually nothing came of it as far as followers. “Dr.” Allen would have gotten better result if he dressed up as Super Otterman.

Before sticking his nose in on the Notodogmeat v. Mrs Yang drama, Allen was nothing more than “Otter-Man” righting the wrong man has done to the media-friendly otter.

Once he got involved and realized he could capitalize and exploit the poor dogs and cats being slaughtered for meat, he went all in.

Besides his “Pet Nation TV” Twitter account and Facebook page, Allen tried creating an “Animal Realities TV” Twitter account and Facebook page. Supposedly it would  investigate and expose animal suffering and those falsely claiming to represent the animals.

I assume his mom shrunk he Superman underoos, or he got tired of reporting what he saw in The Mirror because after 8 months and a dozen or so posts Allen gave up the P.I. business and never posted again.

Later we assume once he realized his dream of fame and fortune was over, due to the fact that nobody seemed to care what he thought, he basically announced he is no longer giving a shit about some dogs and cats, declaring he is back to being “Super OtterMan” forever.

Allen quickly jumping off the dog meat trade bandwagon only proves the commitment level he had to start with. He did not quit on the dogs because he needed to go and get a job to feed his family, or he was being attacked… He quit because no one was paying attention to him and he no longer wanted to waste his time on ingrates who weren’t paying attention to his brilliance.

It is kind of ironic that Allen was crying that he “Simply asked a legitimate question” and was then trolled, but weeks ago when ​we started investigating the Notodogmeat v. Mrs Yang story, we very polity asked Dr. Allen for a comment and also his side of the story, and we never received a reply.

Later, after weeks of investigation, we asked Dr. Allen to produce evidence that this trolling did indeed happen to him. We asked for maybe a screenshot or a list of the trolls that would prove to us that this whole thing actually did happen.

He responded to  our request for proof quite rapidly this time, when we received his answer moments later.Daniel Allen blocked

Since we sent Allen two tweets and one Facebook posting, I assume Dr Allen believed we were trolling him. I have barely enough time keeping my website and Facebook pages from imploding, and being a good troll does take time and effort.

​Some people may or may not consider me a journalist, but it is fair to say I have done my share of writing, though grammar nazis would beg to differ.

The one thing I can say is we have been reporting on Yulin for years, and it is safe to say I would not be trolling Dr. Allen anytime soon, so to block me can only lead me to conclude that Dr. Allen was hiding from us.

The fact that Dr. Dan “OtterMan” Allen decided NOT to answer our questions, tells us that he is a fraud.

I am pretty sure he had read how we debunked Marc Ching and was probably scared that he too would be exposed as nothing more than a media attention starved little man who was exploiting, for personal gain, the horrors happening to dogs and cats in the dog meat trade.

by Dominick Mezzapesa

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